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MWPL and Banned Stocks List

Watch here, How to use Ban List (MWPL)?

What is MWPL?

Market-wide Position Limit (MWPL) is a rule in financial markets that limits the number of open positions participants can have in a specific security or derivative. It ensures market fairness, prevents too much speculation, and manages risks linked to concentrated positions in the market.

Features available in MWPL

  • Traders can access information about banned stocks, possible entrants, and possible exits in the relevant sections.
  • The feature provides MWPL percentages for each F&O (Futures and Options) stock, allowing traders to compare percentages between trading days.
  • Monitoring MWPL ensures compliance with exchange regulations and helps manage risk exposure.
  • The feature promotes market integrity by preventing manipulative trading practices and maintaining market stability.

How to analyze the impact of MWPL on market volatility?

To analyze the impact of Market-wide Position Limit (MWPL) on market volatility, traders can monitor the price and trading activity of securities or derivatives before and after the implementation of MWPL. They can assess changes in volatility, trading volumes, and price movements to understand how MWPL affects market stability and investor behaviour.

How to analyze the impact of MWPL on market volatility?

The TalkOptions website offers various sections related to banned stocks to keep traders informed.

When the MWPL (total open interest across all exchanges) exceeds 95% of the exchange's maximum limit, stocks are banned. No new positions are permitted after a stock has been banned, and doing so will result in severe penalties. Equities are only allowed to trade again once the MWPL falls below 80%.

The "Banned Stocks" section provides a list of stocks that are currently not available for trading.

The "Possible Entrants" section alerts traders to stocks that may be added to the banned list in the future, allowing them to anticipate potential restrictions. Conversely, the "Possible Exits" section displays stocks that could potentially be removed from the banned list, enabling traders to adjust their trading strategies accordingly.

In the "All Stocks" section, traders can access information on the MWPL percentages for each F&O stock. By comparing the percentages from the previous trading day and the current trading day, traders can track any changes in position limits and assess the impact on market activity.

By actively monitoring the MWPL, traders can ensure compliance with exchange regulations, manage their risk exposure, and make well-informed trading decisions. This feature contributes to market stability by preventing manipulative trading practices and maintaining the integrity of the market as a whole.