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Highest & Lowest Delivery

Watch here, How to use Highest & Lowest Delivery?

What are Highest & Lowest Delivery?

Highest Delivery refers to stocks with the highest percentage of shares that are delivered to the buyer's Demat account, indicating strong investor interest.

Lowest Deliveryrefers to stocks with the lowest percentage of shares delivered, suggesting weak investor interest.

Features available for Highest & Lowest Delivery

  • Highest & Lowest Delivery feature provides information on stocks with the highest and lowest delivery percentages.
  • Helps gauge investor interest and distinguish between long-term investment and short-term speculation.
  • Traders can assess market sentiment, identify potential trends, and make informed trading decisions based on delivery percentages.
  • Clear and detailed insights into company name, price, change, traded quantity, delivery quantity, and percentage.
  • Enables traders to differentiate investor conviction and potential profitability based on delivery percentages.

How to interpret Highest & Lowest Delivery?

On the TalkOption website, traders can easily access the Highest & Lowest Delivery feature. They can choose a specific Nifty Index or Thematic Index to view information about stocks. The displayed data includes details like the company name, previous close, current price, one-day change percentage, total traded quantity, delivery quantity, and the percentage of delivery quantity. This information helps traders understand how many shares are being physically delivered to buyers, which indicates genuine investment activity. It allows traders to assess market sentiment and make informed trading decisions. For example, high delivery percentages suggest strong investor interest and stability, while low delivery percentages indicate speculative trading and higher volatility. By analyzing delivery activity, traders can identify trends, differentiate between short-term and long-term investment behavior, and potentially increase their chances of profitability. The Highest & Lowest Delivery feature provides traders with a valuable tool to make well-informed trading choices based on market sentiment analysis.