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Intraday Buildup

Watch here, How to use Intraday Buildup?

What is Intraday BuildUp?

Intraday BuildUp is an excellent tool for traders, providing them with Future BuildUp data at 15-minute intervals. Traders can select from various indices like Nifty, Bank-nifty, and Fin nifty.
For instance, if you choose the Nifty Index, the tool will continuously update you with BuildUp data every 15 minutes. Let's take a specific example: from 9:15 to 9:30, the data indicates a Long BuildUp, and the next block, which is from 9:30 to 9:45, also shows a Long BuildUp.
As a trader, this information tells you that Nifty is in a bullish trend, with the data consistently showing Long BuildUp. This insight allows you to consider taking a long position in Nifty, potentially leading to significant profits. Best of all, this tool is simple to use and completely free of charge.

Interpretation of Intraday BuildUp

Intraday BuildUp is a valuable tool designed to assist traders in making informed decisions during the trading day. It focuses on providing Future BuildUp data, which is crucial for understanding market sentiment, especially on a short-term, intraday basis. This data is presented to traders at regular 15-minute intervals, allowing them to stay updated on market dynamics in real time.
Traders have the freedom to choose the index they want to keep an eye on, such as well-known ones like Nifty, Bank-nifty, and Fin nifty. Additionally, they can access information about three different expiration periods: the current month, the next month, and the farthest month. Along with this, one table is given which consists of Open Price, High Price, Low Price and Previous Close Price of the selected Index. Furthermore, the tool also provides future price data for the selected index.
BuildUp data consists of Long BuildUp, Short Covering, Short BuildUp, and Long Unwinding.
Long BuildUp : Indicates an increase in long positions, suggesting a bullish sentiment as traders are building up bets that the price will rise.
Short Covering : This signifies a decrease in short positions, often occurring when traders who previously bet on a price drop start buying to close their positions, potentially driving the price higher.
Short BuildUp : Shows a rise in short positions, indicating a bearish sentiment as traders are building up bets that the price will fall.
Long Unwinding : Reflects a reduction in long positions, suggesting a bearish sentiment as traders unwind or sell their previously established long positions, possibly causing the price to decline.
Let's Explore into the functionality of this tool by considering the example of the Nifty Index. When a trader selects Nifty as their chosen index, they gain access to a range of valuable information, including the Time Interval, BuildUp data, Price Range, Price Change %, OI Change % (Open Interest Change Percentage), and Volume Change %.
For a trader looking to make a decision on taking a position in Nifty but feeling uncertain about the market's direction, this tool proves to be immensely helpful.
Imagine this scenario: In the BuildUp column, the trader consistently observes Long Build-Up data for two consecutive time intervals. This pattern suggests a bullish sentiment in the market, indicating that traders are actively building up positions with the expectation of higher prices. In response to this clear signal, the trader can confidently decide to take a Long Position, aligning their strategy with the prevailing bullish mood in the data.